Fine Feathers Kombucha-Brewing Workshop // Sept. 10th (SOLD OUT!)

Join us on Thursday, Sept. 10 at our facility for the first of our series of workshops we are hosting and teaching. Learn the foundations of kombucha brewing, health benefits, tips and tricks, and leave with a complete starter kit.

$30. Limited spots available. All levels welcome.

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FFKC Brewing Workshop



Kombucha Cocktails with Tasty Yummies
August 19, 2015

From the amazing Tasty Yummies blog:

“Cheers to balance, cheers to an abundant fig tree, cheers to amazing local kombucha-makers and cheers to a mid-week cocktail series with some of my very favorite bloggers. Today I’m sharing this Spiced Rum Fig Kombucha Cocktail I am calling (wait for it)…..When Figs Fly!”

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LAist’s 39 Reasons Why We Love Long Beach
August 13, 2015

LAist gave Long Beach and Fine Feathers Kombucha some love in this fun article about some of the things that make Long Beach amazing. We are proud of our ever-blossoming city and our community. Full Article Here.




Succulent Cuisine, Fine Feathers Kombucha, and True Essence Organics at Erewhon Market

July 29, 2015

From the article: Dream Inspired Design Visits EREWHON



20 Emerging Los Angeles Food Brands
July 14, 2015

Interact Boulder named Fine Feathers Kombucha one of the 20 Emerging Food Brands coming out of Los Angeles! Check out the full list here.





Los Angeles Fermentation Festival
July 12, 2015

Fine Feathers Kombucha was proud to be a part of the first annual Los Angeles Fermentation Festival.


Fine Feathers Kombucha in Japanese television network FNN’s short piece on the difference between Kombucha in the US and Japanese Traditional Kombu-cha
July 6, 2015

While preparing for our kombucha-making workshop (see previous post below), the Japanese-based television company Fuji News Network contacted us out of the blue and requested to film our workshop and do an interview about kombucha and the process. Apparently, in Japan, “kombu-cha” refers to a tea made from kelp.

IMG_20150630_113641The Japanese call kombucha “kocha kinoko” meaning “tea fungus” (fungus, of course, being a misnomer).

The filming crew and reporter visited our facility in Long Beach and filmed for about an hour in late June, while we talked about the process, the ingredients, and different teas used in the production. The reporter, Ikuko Yuge, even asked if she can eat some of the SCOBY cultures. Pleasantly excited at the request, Jay provided some and shared a probiotic snack with her.

While the video is in Japanese (our interviews are overdubbed by a translator), it still makes for an entertaining watch. Entertaining, especially with the lower left part of the screen showing the reactions of the studio anchors reacting to the SCOBY-eating part of the segment.

Watch the full video segment below:

First Kombucha-making Workshop held at Grassroots Natural Market & Kitchen in South Pasadena
June 26, 2015

Our friends at Grassroots Natural Market & Kitchen in South Pasadena had been very insistent on us leading a workshop on kombucha-making. After setting the date for June 25, we began preparing as we didn’t know what to expect.


Photo Courtesy: Noah Puni/Grassroots Natural Market & Kitchen.

Print  11148456_851549908227203_8971723488169620623_o

The workshop was nonetheless very well attended (some had the misfortune of having to sit outside, as the designated space had reached full capacity) and, although scheduled to be an hour and a half, turned into a very interactive and enjoyable three-hour gathering in which we covered all the basics of home-made kombucha brewing  and then some.


Jodine and Jay, with Noah (left) and Meir (second from right) Puni, post-workshop.

We would like to thank all who came, and the Puni family, owner/operators of GNM&K, for specifically inviting us to do the workshop and for supporting our company.