Why Fine Feathers?

DISCLAIMER: The following statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

What sets Fine Feathers Kombucha Company apart is our commitment to produce high-quality products with an uncompromising integrity. Our approach is and has always been artisanal and we pride ourselves on the quality and character of our kombucha.

Below are the methods of production and approaches that are an important and inseparable part of our company.

Anyone who knows what kombucha truly represents is acutely aware that pasteurizing, and thus denaturing, this gift of Nature couldn’t be any more wrong. Pasteurization destroys all “living” probiotic content (which stops any further fermentation altogether). This sharply reduces the health benefits associated with raw kombucha. Also, we DO NOT USE any BIOENGINEERED BACTERIA STRAINS in the making of our kombucha.

We use only HIGH-QUALITY, ORGANIC ingredients.
Regardless of the fact that our kombucha products are not Certified Organic yet (a very extensive and costly process), we use ONLY higher-quality organic teas and sugar in making them. We don’t believe in making this amazing elixir using subpar ingredients, nor are we willing to compromise on this fundamentally important aspect.

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The vast majority of our supplies and ingredients are purchased through small local companies. In doing so, we believe we can make the biggest economic impact, supporting companies that share our vision and our passion.

We have sustainable practices, such as COMPOSTING ALL of our generated ORGANIC WASTE, RECYCLING and REUSING our bottles, our Growler Exchange Program, to name a few. We feel that it is important to help the environment whenever and wherever possible, even if it’s just a little bit.


We have seen it all: food-grade plastic, stainless steel, etc. The conversation goes on and on and generally most companies opt to ferment in non-glass vessels, because they aim for QUANTITY. We, personally have very strong reservations about fermenting in anything other than glass. Acidic substances generally cause plastic to leach into them. Since kombucha is of an acidic nature, this is a concern for us regarding the matter. With plastic, there is also the concern of damaged surfaces, which may harbor unwanted bacteria.  With stainless steel, the concern is that metal ions, from the metals used in steel, may leach into the kombucha (given the acidic nature of latter) and cause metal poisoning.

Regardless,WE CHOOSE GLASS because it’s smooth, it DOES NOT LEACH, it’s clear and at a glance, it ALLOWS US TO MONITOR THE FERMENTATION MORE CAREFULLY. And you can tell the difference immediately upon tasting our kombucha.


We DO NOT USE clear bottles.
And speaking of glass, this is also an important one. Light leads to the eventual demise of probiotic organisms, which sharply reduces probiotic content (and therefore, health benefits associated with probiotics)  and clear bottles let light penetrate through. We use ONLY DARK AMBER GLASS BOTTLES (the darkest glass available) to protect the living organisms in our kombucha from harmful light. This way, you can be sure that the probiotic content in your bottle is alive and present.

The reason is simple: this allows us to monitor the fermentation more precisely. Thus, we can ENSURE QUALITY and guarantee that only the best-possible kombucha comes out of our fermenting vessels.


We make kombucha with LOVE and YOUR WELL-BEING in mind.
It’s true. The ONLY reason why we make kombucha and have our company is to share this gift of Nature with you in hopes that it will absolutely transform your life! We are already convinced of kombucha’s health benefits and we have felt amazing having it as part of our life. We want YOU to experience the same state of bliss that we have been experiencing for years. Our philosophy is that having more people in a blissful state makes for a better and happier community. This is the mindful intent behind our products: to benefit your lives directly and permanently.