Our Flavors

Jasmine Peony-small
If someone asked us to describe our company and our kombucha-making style without saying a word, we would just hand them a bottle of this kombucha. This delicate, jasmine green tea-based kombucha is just intoxicatingly fragrant and wonderfully balanced and it speaks volumes of how something incredibly simple can be amazingly complex and huge in the impact and experience of its flavor.


Nutrient-rich green algae kombucha, with a natural sweetness and a green kick. Officially released in mid-2014, this kombucha continues to blow our minds and is one of our favorite. Fermented using our original blend of high-quality white and green tea (we no longer use black tea), we can highlight the notes of the actual teas and get them to gently “punch through” the “green-ness” of this kombucha. The complexity in the flavor is simultaneously sweet, refreshing, green, funky, tart and floral (yeah, that’s right, all of those).


For years, we encountered people who, we felt, were missing out on kombucha: the ones who were abstaining from caffeine altogether. So, we went to work and we are very proud of this caffeine-free kombucha made with two South African tisanes (herbal teas): Rooibos and Honeybush. Naturally high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, these teas also have a calming effect. This kombucha has many fruit notes and prominent hints of plum and vanilla. Cheers!


Lemongrass Oolong-small
Made with oolong tea from the remote mountainous region of Central Taiwan, this kombucha is silky and very floral, with a subtly sweet finish from the lemongrass.


A staple since our company’s inception in 2012, our ginger kombucha boasts a bold and refreshing flavor. Known for a myriad of health benefits, such as being anti-inflammatory and a nausea reliever, ginger has  a simultaneous warming and cooling effect. CONTAINS 3% JUICE.


Inspired by the Master Cleanse, this kombucha concoction packs a punch by combining the refreshing lemon taste with the heat of cayenne pepper. Our recipe is a bold statement of how we envision this kombucha and as one of our friends and fellow culinary artisan here in Long Beach said, “This is a working man’s kombucha.” It boosts circulation, has a powerful alkalizing effect and we’ve discovered that it’s a great way to rise and shine. To our surprise, it has become a flavor with its own cult following and is very sought-after. CONTAINS 10% JUICE.




ORIGINAL Our original flavor recipe was tailored to have just the right amount of sweet and sour. What you taste is the kombucha straight out of our fermentation vessels. We developed our own proprietary recipe blend of several teas (black, green, white, and oolong) a few years back, to create a kombucha with balanced characteristics: one that has body, yet it is light, aromatic and refreshing. We hope that kombucha enthusiasts would appreciate the complexities in the aroma and flavor. (2012-2016)




GRAPEFRUIT We feel that grapefruit is a much underrated superfood. And we understand that it is hard for most to appreciate its health benefits because of its sourness and bitterness. Our grapefruit kombucha recipe has the right amounts of sweet, sour, and bitter to create (in our opinion) an amazingly refreshing drink. We have also found that it often changes the perception about grapefruit of people who do not like grapefruit. CONTAINS 15% JUICE. (2012-2016)



GUAVA Our organic, sustainably-harvested and fairly-traded guava flakes come from Ecuador. They are an exclusive product for the U.S. and our friends from Anandamide Psychedelicatessen were kind enough to provide them for our kombucha, making us the SECOND OF ONLY TWO companies to use this product anywhere in the United States. The collaboration resulted in this delicious tropical kombucha that gets as close and real to the fruit as it gets. The flavor is mildly sour with an bold and intense guava flavor and aroma. Our tropical fruit-loving kombucha drinkers finally have a Fine Feathers kombucha to default to. (2013-2016)


LAVENDER LEMONADE This creation aimed to create a kombucha that’s light and subtle to complement our existing array of kombucha beverages. Our Lavender Lemonade kombucha is one of our bestsellers and is crafted through infusion, blending the sourness of kombucha with refreshing lemon peel and the soothing aroma and pleasant tingling of lavender. LIMITED AVAILABILITY. AVAILABLE IN-STORE ONLY. 

GREEN ALGAE For our green algae recipe we use the blue-green algae spirulina and chlorella. Rich in chlorophyll, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 C, E and K, and many trace minerals, spirulina and chlorella are protein-dense foods with distinctive taste. They are both earthy, with sweet notes. The marriage of kombucha and the green algae results in a surprisingly delicious, bubbly drink with a pronounced-but-not-overbearing body, pleasant earthiness and a beautiful dark green color.

a-pile-of-fresh-turmeric-roots-picsayTURMERIC Turmeric, and its main compound curcumin, has known anti-inflammatory properties and, like ginger, possesses a myriad of health benefits.The grounding, pleasant bitterness of organic turmeric combines with the sweet tartness of orange peel for a very refreshing kombucha with an interesting array of flavor complexities. LIMITED AVAILABILITY. AVAILABLE IN-STORE ONLY. 

A twist on our original kombucha, this one is made with yerba mate, a South American plant rich in caffeine and a multitude of micronutrients. The mate drink is a cultural staple and consumed daily in Argentina, Paraguay and the south of Brazil. We call it “high-octane fuel”, since mate’s caffeine stimulates the muscular system, rather than the central nervous system (like coffee), which is something to be experienced. To complement the bold, smoky and earthy flavor of the yerba mate, we add organic orange peel for additional flavor depth. The resulting kombucha is a very complex one: sweet, earthy, lightly sour, refreshing, and unique. LIMITED AVAILABILITY. AVAILABLE IN-STORE ONLY.


ff_kombuffeeKOMBUFFEE™ (Our Signature Coffee ƒƒ kombucha) You love coffee? Yes? And you love kombucha? Yes? Well, you’ll surely love this one. We partnered up with our friends at Lord Windsor Roasters who fairly-traded and roasted the organic coffee used in this. We brew it and then ferment it with our cultures. It is the perfect marriage of coffee and kombucha. Kombuffee’s flavor is slightly different than what one would expect: sweet, sour, with a hint of chocolate and, of course, with the bitterness of coffee. And because of the fermentation, it is actually milder-tasting, it carbonates well, and it’s rich probiotics.  LIMITED AVAILABILITY. AVAILABLE IN-STORE ONLY.


80-picsayROOIBOS/HONEYBUSH Rooibos [pronounced: roy-boss] and Honeybush are herbal tea-like plants, native to South Africa. They are very high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, while caffeine-free. This kombucha has an amazing red/amber color and a fairly intense sweet flavor: it has notes of plum and tobacco (from the rooibos) and the mellow fruitiness of the honeybush.  LIMITED AVAILABILITY. AVAILABLE IN-STORE ONLY.


rose-hips-picsayROOIBOS ROSEHIPS This kombucha is a newcomer to our family of ferments and of particular importance to co-founder/chief fermentationist Jay, due to the organic, fairly-traded rosehips are being sourced from his homeland of Bulgaria. Rosehips are one of the richest plant sources of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). They have a pleasant tart taste and are the perfect partner for the rooibos, complimenting its natural sweetness and bold flavor. We refer to this kombucha as “The C-Booster”, since both Rooibos and Rosehips are high in Vitamin C, and we are planning to make it a regular flavor in the coming months.  LIMITED AVAILABILITY. AVAILABLE IN-STORE ONLY.


ff_applegingerAPPLE-GINGER We felt that combining these two would be a sure winner. I mean, who wouldn’t like the taste of sweet, slightly tart apples colliding with that of the earthy, spicy ginger root? This brew is all that plus some carbonation resulting in a sweet, complex flavor and 100% satisfaction. CONTAINS 15% JUICE. 2013


ff_kiwilimeKIWI-LIME We had summertime on our minds when we concocted this delicious and tart booch. The tropical kiwi flavor paired with the sweetness of the citrus-y lime juice makes for a refreshing kombucha that’s just perfect on a hot summer day. CONTAINS 10% JUICE. 2012-2013


This flavor has a surprising balance of sour, earthy and sweet with tons of carbonation. 2014

ff_carrotCARROT Aside from its unbelievable color, this kombucha astonishes with the balanced wide array of flavors and notes. The sweetness/earthiness of carrots interacts with the tangy kombucha resulting in a bubbly and uniquely refreshing beverage. CONTAINS 15% JUICE. 2012-2013